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Growth spurts (23/4/14)

April 23, 2014


So much has happened since the start of the year, the move and Rowan starting at preschool – she’s come along in leaps and bounds, especially in terms of language. Yet when I write down the remarkable things she has said, they  look deeply unremarkable. And maybe that’s the point. The more articulate kids become, the less we notice it, because the more ‘normal’ they are. With that in mind, here is what I’ve noted down in my little purple book this year so far…

26/2/14: I notice her asking ‘Why’ for the first time.

5/3/14: “Daddy? I’ve got a problem. Want to move cushion.”’

11/3/14: “Put some sauce on it. Put some ingredients.”

And here are some lines I really love to hear at the moment:

“Where are you going now , Daddy?” and “It’s not working.”

25/3/14: “That was a big wee… That was ten wees!”

2/4/14: “Are you tired?”  “No, I’m brave.”

“Are you screwing it?” (Watching me eat spaghetti). “Yes, I suppose so. Do you want me to do yours?” “No, I just eating it.”

20/4/14: “I just collecting Easters!”

(It’s also notable that she’s just as happy to look when she hides the Easter eggs herself…)

More lines I love to hear at the moment:

“I just want you to play, Daddy!” and, of the mobile phone: “Stop that! Put it in your pocket!”

Here are some things that Rowan currently thinks are ‘Too nice’:

–          Plums

–          Good ham

–          Her Easter hat

Finally, some recent creations:


A Christmas plate (in March)


Early writing (for Mother’s Day)


Easter nest


Mummy and Daddy

April 16, 2014