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Autumnal conversations, 2014

October 17, 2014


“I dreamed about balloons, Dad.”

“That’s good”

“No, be impressed!”

“I am impressed, I said ‘That was good’.”

“That was a tiny impressed. I want really impressed.”

“That was really good!”


“I dreamed about scootering around the school. I dream lots of dreams.”


“What’s this song?”

“Um… ‘Endless Love’, by Joe Goddard.”

“It’s my favourite one.  It’s a treaty one…. Hey! Why has it ended? I want it to go on and on!”


“What do you want on your pizza!”

“I choose cheese! [Later] I like my pizza crispy, Daddy.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“That’s alright…. It doesn’t matter.”


“What are you painting?

“I’m painting a drubbantay.”

“A drubbantay?”

“A drubbantay, but it’s kind of dina.”


“I had a bad dream. The hoover man was here. He had no eyes and no mouth. And no nose. He was hovering up the bed.”

“I want to grow up.”

“You will.”

“Was Mummy a baby?”

“Yes, and me,  and Granny Jane and Roger…. Everybody grows up.”

“And do they grow down?”