Wintery conversations, 2014


-We’ll go to the zoo today. What do you think about that?

-That’ll be number five!

-Why do you say ‘Number five?’

-Because it’s exciting.

-Number five is exciting

-Yeah, I’m going to go to the zoo and see lots of animals!


– Are we going to preschool today?

– Yes.

– Yay. I don’t mean ‘Yay’. I mean YAY! Say it, Daddy.


-YAY!!! That was loud.


[Singing] Spider-man! Spider-man! What can you ever do?


-Hough! Hough!

– Oh. Are you eating a biscuit?

-No, I eating a philtum.


-[Singing] And the old man died. I didn’t say ‘dive’. Died means go away forever and be dead.


-They’re a hundred years old. That’s a lot of birthdays!




-No, PEAS!!




-Heads or tails?

-Ummm… Snails? No! I mean heads.

-It is heads! You’re right.

-Pea jar, pea jar, pea jar.

-What about peas?

-You can’t toss a pea!


-Want to watch Numberjacks. Why are you putting it on ‘YouTube?’

-That’s what it’s on.

-Mummy and I went on ‘YouTube’ yesterday.

-Oh, you mean,’The Tube’, in London.


-That’s different.

-No it’s not, it’s the same.




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