Recent Conversations, Spring 2015


[On opening presents] “We can play with this tomorrow… But today is tomorrow.”


“I’ve got my sword for turning things into skeletons, into bones. It’s got petrol in it. It’s got money. I sell it to the paper shop. That gives me the money to – ‘Choo!’”


“You just made my rummy tumble!”

“It was a debble ducker.”


January: we dance around the house to La Roux. R also likes the name of The Smashing Pumpkins.


“Dad do you like my picture? [on the tablet] There’s nothing in it! But Peppa still said ‘I like it’. I’m going to take a picture of it.”


She is loving Rick Stein’s Taste of the Sea. “I’m going to eat all the fish.” How I actually get her to eat (anything) is promising not to sing.


[Pointing to crisp bag.] “You can’t recycle that. You can’t put it in the recycling bin. You put it in the not-recycling bin.”


We are all sick today. When J tells R ‘You have to be sick in the bowl” she gets really upset. “But I can’t fit in the bowl.”



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